Jonas Rousseau

Founder & CEO

Jonas Rousseau is a visionary high school football coach and nonprofit director adamant about changing his community. Jonas played football at Stony Brook University on an athletic scholarship, and also graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in sociology in 2012. He then jumped into the field of social work as a case manager for foster children and after 2 years of service went on to teach 8th grade history at an all-boys charter school in Brooklyn. Raised in an underserved community, Jonas became aware of the role resources played in a child’s development at a young age. Jonas founded Elevated Expectations in his native Brownsville community in 2013 as a way to empower young people by providing them with the resources and skills needed to make informed decisions pertaining to their future. Elevated Expectations has received recognition from the Brooklyn police department for its work in the community. Jonas’ days now consist of arriving at a local high school in the mornings to prepare athletic and leadership sessions for students, followed by him designing summer programming for youth in all five boroughs. Jonas currently resides in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn and his experiences growing up there have fueled his passion to serve the youth in this community. Jonas’ ability to develop meaningful relationships with the youth in his community has allowed him to be an effective mentor and leader.